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Monday, 18 August 2003


I had the money ready. I had the order from the ubiquitous, aging, italian property magnate that the place was mine. I had looked into linen purchases... thought about attending the Vancouver flea market...

I turn up at 3pm on the knocker only to find they rented out the Room of My Own to some slapper yesterday! "Well, jeez gosh darnit" i whispered under my breath.

The U.A.I.P.M. told me he had several other suites which I may be interested in, apparently not too far away... then he paused and said that the nice lady next door had a room vacant.

So, over I go, bright-eyed and bushy tailed to introduce myself. She seemed really nice, and the house (as opposed to crummy basement dump) and garden (yes, there were vegies!) felt really nice. A little more expensive, but much nicer.

We exchanged pleasantries and numbers, and now I have to wait another WEEK for the ruler of the household (currently AWOL) to return so I can meet her.

I said "May I please throw money at the problem?"...
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