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Wednesday, 20 August 2003

Anecdotal evidence 1.

There are so many stories that you get to keep for yourself when you go somewhere. But, if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?

With that little pearl of wisdom out on the page, I wanted to begin to recount some funny bits from my travels. And just because this is the first one, doesn't mean it's the best, or the funniest.

I was sitting in the subway in Chicago, where there are often buskers, along with lots of tired, happy, stinky, worky, poverty-strickeny people hanging around waiting for their trains to come.

Anyway, this one day I was there with my mates Andy and Marion, and we came across this guy busking. He had the most gorgeous, soulful voice. He was singing ol' standards... Beatles, Bacharach... whatever. His guitar playing however had a little to be desired. It was just as little out of tune (which means a lot)... he had great rhythm, but that just didn't matter - the guitar sounded shite.

But the thing I remember most was that he would have to stop singing and literally stand on his earnings when the train went by, or they'd just blow away on to the scary third rail.

How much cashola did he lose before he started that manoeuvre, i wonder?
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