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Monday, 18 August 2003

On the cheap.

Well, i've got away with it for this long...

Having stayed with generous, gorgeous mates several times now, I guess the time had to come when I feel that I have outstayed my welcome. That time has finally arrived.

There is nothing nasty about it, just the feeling that I didn't do what was expected. Since this may easily be misconstrued as me taking the situation for granted, I think it's better to bite the accommodation, money-sucking bullet. And I need to teach these people how to drink red wine properly, so I left them a Wirra Wirra and a nice de Bortoli (yes dB is capable of making nice ones, despite the plethora of er.. quaffers they put out nice and cheap).

In steps that good old saviour - the Y - where i'm told (luckily) that I will discover myself. So that's where i'm heading today for as long as it takes to get the people who need me to live with them to realise that.

I wonder if a shared shower means communal?
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