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Monday, 25 August 2003

Supply and demand.

With a new and refreshing spring in my step I left for work this morning from my NEW HOUSE. Yes, I moved in with two nice ladies yesterday, where it took me about two seconds to unpack my bag and make my bed and everything. Yay.

I catch the 20 bus downtown, which goes along W Hastings Street, one of the seedier sides of Vancouver. The sidewalks are full to overflowing with shopping trolleys, rubbish, the occasional fight, people who look like they're taking something, and a general state of disarray.

The other thing they're overflowing with is Pawn Shops. The advertisement on a front window reads "We'll buy just about anything", which i'm guessing means "Bring anything you can get your hands on in here and chances are we'll give you some money". I wonder what that does to the psyche of the great unwashed with regards to gettin stuff and gettin cash and gettin some gear for the day.

I guess there's a demand from middle class chicks like me for cheap CDs though. I bought silverchair's Diorama, New Order Technique, and a Cocteau Twins something or other for an average of $6 each.
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