Can you see me??!?!??!

Sunday, 17 August 2003


So, after a rather lengthy but fantastic journey for the past few months I find myself in Vancouver, BC. I have recently started as an intern for the fabulous Ludicorp. I am working on their product called Game Neverending.

Having landed this lucky outcome I am now looking for a place to live. This is proving a little tricky because I don't have any stuff, and i don't really know how long i'll be here... But, Vankie is a nice place, and i'm sure it won't be long (!).

A few kind friends have put me up over the past few months. Particular thanks have to go to Ash, Danny & Jeff, the amazing Fruitsters, Alice & Brett (+doggies), Jenta, Di and Al & Lesley. I certainly wouldn't have made it this far without you all, and most likely would have ended up back in Adders with my tail between my legs some time in April!

The time has now come for me to pop my hat somewhere, in my Room of One's Own.
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