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Tuesday, 16 September 2003

Anecdotal evidence 3.

I went to Boston once. I stayed at the Y. I tried to hook up with a few people I vaguely knew, but failed, so had to entertain myself.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. I performed the obligatory tourist activities and saw a lot of this beautiful city. I went on the African-American walking tour, to see some of the oldest houses in the town, where underground schools and the like popped up as people came from the south. That part of town (the name escapes me now) was picturesque. Narrow streets with four storey buildings, and plenty of nooks and crannys.


One day I was so bored that I decided i'd see a movie. So I went to The Mall - my first mistake. Having no idea when a movie was starting or even if there was one, I got there to find that I had a good hour of shopping time on my hands.

Now, not wanting to be late for the theAtre, I thought i'd better buy a watch. And then I thought "I am sooo stupid for not bringing ANY of my CDs from home, I should start a new collection". In the CD shop I picked a couple of things I liked, and wandered over to the CD player section. Eeeek. $50.

So I bought me CDs, and went to the movie (Anger Management - absolute crap - don't waste your money - even on a video). Came out feeling angry and remembered that music soothes a savage beast.

Upshot is: bought the player, ripped open the box, tore out batteries and "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", sat there and played it full blast.

I walked back to the Y aurally transported to somewhere else.
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