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Sunday, 28 September 2003

Death ray evidence found.

The other thing I like to do on Saturdays is read the paper. (Although i'm also slowly uncovering the joys of the New York Times on Sunday.)

Of course, the mention of the evidence of a death ray at the bottom of page 2 of the Vancouver Sun caught my eye... and I quote:
A Canadian geologist's tracking of the extinction of prehistoric creatures called trilobites has given a team of U.S. scientists the smoking gun they need for a startling new theory that death rays from outer space killed off most of life on Earth about 450 million years ago... Gamma ray bursts have been described as the most powerful explosions known.

The theory goes that trilobites lived in a shallow depth in the ocean during the Ordovician geological era, so they were the first to bite it when the death ray struck all those years ago.

If the death ray were to strike again, we'd all be fried in an instant.

Makes you wonder...
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