Can you see me??!?!??!

Thursday, 25 September 2003

The green, green grass.

I'm sitting at home using my housemate's computer. Sitting here wondering about the state i'm in.

I seem to have picked up some pestilence from our weekend cavorting, and have been laid low in bed today. It would seem as if my emotional state has a good deal to do with the strength (or not) of my immune system.

So, you guessed it - i've hit the "Christ, what 'ave i done?" wall, which was made doubly high by Andy & Dan popping by like ships in the night, only to up and leave as I was settling into them.

As I blow my schnozza and write to you, I wonder about the future here in Vankie - MY future here in Vankie, and realise that the test I wanted by coming away and doing all this is finally upon me.

It's green here too, after it's rained a bit.
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