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Thursday, 18 September 2003

Lend me your eyes.

I know, I know... it's hard to believe. But, just you read this excerpt from "The Book of Lovers: An Astrological Guide to Personal Relationships" by Carolyn Reynolds, and tell me it ain't true:

Who wants to get to the top and first? This stellar configuration. This Sun and Moon combine the goat and the ram. If climbing the highest mountain and reaching the top alone ever meant anything to anyone, it does to this woman. She can feel discouragement to the depths of her soul when things go wrong , but being as determined as she is, she knows the only way to get ahead is to keep moving and put your setbacks behind you.

Time is always of the essence with her, and she'll run her races fast and hard. She'll be as determined to accomplish at age 80 as she was at 20.If she sounds one-dimensional, she's not. She wants it all - the career, the family, the prestigious home and life. She wants it not for the money and power, which she certainly enjoys, but to validate her existence.

She's her own toughest critic and needs to prove herself to herself. She'll appreciate the fact that you're impressed, but she does what she does for herself. She can write, teach, organise, and work with metals. [Ed. wtf?]

Her talents are nearly unlimited. [That's more like it.]

So, fine, she's a worker bee. Can she relax and have fun? You bet. Between projects she uses fun and play to cleanse her mind. She'll put just as much energy into partying as she does into her work. This means that her relaxation may appear near frenzied to the rest of the world. It is, but you'll have quite the companion. She'll tease you, pull jokes on your friends, and throw one party after the other. If you start noticing co-workers being invited over to the house, or some of her favourite clients, you can be sure her work phase is about to take over again.

She won't be without friends. She's liked by everyone, from neighbours to supervisors, and if you're in her inner circle of loved ones, she'll have a wonderful way of sticking her nose into your business. Needless to say, her husband and children get an energetic, caring mother and wife to be proud of. Look to the Capricorn Moon to snag this one, or the Leo or Sagittarius Moons as well. The Scorpio man can also find her appealing until her career starts to interfere.

Her illumination: Energetic.

Her dark side: Has trouble with men.
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