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Saturday, 27 September 2003

Let's talk strine.

For some reason I have slipped into talking in a much more aussie way than I was previously accustomed.

I am calling my new friends mate all the time, and saying g'day! instead of hi. I may have even slipped out a beaudy once or twice... but actually, I quite like saying beaudy, so I won't worry about that.

I remember a girlfriend back home (been saying that a lot lately too - back home) used to get a little frustrated that I might let fly with a mate here or there, because it was too generic a term for an actual, real-life, blood 'n' guts mate.

Perhaps i'm feeling compelled to get back to my roots, now that i'm in this bizarre foreign country, so unlike my own. Perhaps I feel the need to reinforce my Australianity by talking strine.

All that being said, I have very much enjoyed all my new, very special, foreign friends and their attempts atta speaking da language. I have to say the winner so far is Dr. Bruce, and her gaaaahlic.

Thank god the Canadians know how to spell, eh?
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