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Monday, 22 September 2003

A rollercoaster ride.

I've been through the ringer this weekend. It was lovely to see my bro and me best mate Dan. I threw a party on Saturday night which was excellent fun - fantastic conversation, cross-pollination of friends, plenty of laughs - a great housewarming for me and a good excuse to get a little slaughtered with Andy. "The Boys" were the hit of the party, and I enjoyed seeing them in my new space.

Then Sunday was all too rushed. We had a fry-up with my housemates at Bon's (super cheap diner), then hit the road for a very quick touristy thing, driving up to Cypress Lookout and a quick walk in ubiquitous lovely forest.

Then it was time for them to go. Boy, that was hard. Now i'm back at work.

Happy, but sad too, because that vestige of family/friends/former life just popped in, and now it's gone again.

So, having run the full gamut, I feel a little tired, and a little sorry for myself.
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