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Sunday, 28 September 2003

Spaceship on the cheap.

I've been thinking about the design for my spaceship.

Having indulged myself in shoestring Martha Stewart living in the recent past, i've become quite resourceful finding ways to make planks and rags look like Magical Venice.

So, I thought i'd go for an aluminium exterior, as i've always thought recycling was a good thing, and aluminium is so malleable. It could be powered by propane rockets. I'm sure Kara wouldn't mind if I borrowed her BBQ tank for a few days. I could probably get a chair or two from a yard sale for the cockpit.

Martha has also surprised me with how much you can do with buttons... I can see a console coming on... with lots of special buttons... and I could have a big red one for take off...

Andy Thomas, eat your heart out!
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