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Friday, 5 September 2003

The tablecloth trick.

Now, everyone knows that trick where the man grabs the end of a tablecloth and whips it out from under a fully laden table.

Let's just say that i'm a fully laden table, and the man is a beginner, and the tablecloth is made of very sticky, bumpy rubber.

So... suddenly all my beautiful plans which you may have read about in August have been shot to sh*t, and out of necessity I will most likely need to make a fairly drastic change. At this stage I am unable to get back into Canada without a letter from the fabulous Ludicorp saying they're definitely not letting me work there until I have the appropriate paperwork, which may be never.

I may get work in Seattle. But waiting for a work visa to be processed may take too long. I would have a lovely apartment to stay in for October though.

So, why bother eating at the table anyway?
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