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Saturday, 27 September 2003

The wonderful world of bulk.

What's the best thing to do on a Saturday morning?

Go to Costco.

E gad! It's a massive, buy-50-gazillion-toilet-rolls-all-at-once-to-save-yourself-a-buck kind of place. I was actually considering getting four of these for just a moment. Then I regained my senses and grabbed a 6 pack of cinnamon bagels, along with bulk meat.

One glimpse of humanity that I discovered (or made up) on my first Costco jaunt with my roomie Kara was that supermarkets have a unifying effect on people.

There's simply nothing like the banality of waiting in line to get the goods. Everyone that does it has that faraway look - except maybe superstars, or smart people who bring friends. You've got your efficient shoppers, and your "ooooh I have to have that" ones. I bet the checkout chicks can pick the schmucks a mile off.

Speaking of checkouts, my bagels were stopped at the register because I didn't want to buy enough. You have to buy at least a dozen, or you're nobody at Costco.

I'm proud to say that my big sis has also spotted this interesting niche of human existence, and has thus begun her career in human interaction theory, at the 24 hour Coles on Grote Street.

I'm waiting for her to be Employee of the Year.
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