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Tuesday, 14 October 2003

Canadian body snatchers.

I'm not sure whether to be distressed or pleased, because last night I let rip with my first real-life-unadulterated "eh" at the end of a sentence.

I believe the sentence was "Now that's a principle, eh?"

I have noticed that lots of other immigrants use the Canadian language to great effect. For example, I caught a cab to the Drive from the train station the other day, and I happened upon an Indian driver. Naturally enough, when he found out I was Australian, he asked if I followed the cricket.

Now I just love it when other cricket-playing nations ask me this question. For those who are unaware, the aussies are VERY GOOD at cricket, and have been for AGES, beating everyone in the world, ALL THE TIME. Needless to say, I take great delight in having a go at the nations of the world and their constituents, especially from the back of a cab. I made sure I complimented Sachin Tendulkar, who is an extremely good Indian batsmen. I loved the way the driver pronounced his surname - a little different from Bill Lawry's attempt. And everyone calls him Sachin anyway.

The thing is, the cab driver said to me "You follow the cricket, eh?"
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