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Saturday, 18 October 2003

The Woman's Almanac.

Peggy LeeChapter 1: Your Food & Figure.

Women's Weight Chart: I'm about 5'10" with a medium frame - because the height measurement column stipulates 'height with 2" heels'. So I should weigh between 132-147 pounds unless i'm 18-25, in which case, I should subtract 1 pound for every year under 25.

Phew! It sure is lucky I have my math to fall back on!

Chapter 2: Your Vital Statistics.

Marriage Laws: Let's just say I was a girl living in Washington in 1963. Here's what i'd have to look forward to - at 15 I can be married with consent, but I have to wait until i'm 18 for marriage without consent.

I may well get divorced if i was:
» adulterous;
» alcoholic;
» a convicted felon;
» a deserter;
» extremely cruel;
» a fraud;
» impotent;
» suffering indignities;
» insane*,or
» non-supportive

But! It's OK for me to have a drug addiction (unlike in West Virginia or Mississippi).

Ahhh, the 60s, eh?

*I would have to have been insane for at least 3 years.
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