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Sunday, 26 October 2003


So, another Saturday rolls around. After reading the Vancouver Sun in the sun on my front porch, I trundled down to Chinatown. I wanted to find a Feng Shui-y blessing for Greta and Rob, and I thought it might be a good opportunity to pick up a few cheap, warm winter pieces.

Now, I know i'm reasonably tall amongst the general population, but in Chinatown, I was able to see right over the top of the maze of shoppers. Every food store spilled people from its entrance, there was bustling around the selection of live crabs, and myriad assorted pungent dried seafood products.

I went to several clothes outlets... I found a cool red jacket in one of them, and went inside to ask the nice lady if I might try it on. I showed her to the one I wanted, and she looked me up and down. I said "what do you think?", and she chuckled. That's OK, I thought... i'll just try it on. So I did. It was just a little bit snug. And it was XL. I returned it to the nice lady and continued my search.

I saw nice things, all made for midgets. I did buy some nice jade beads from a lady selling on the street. She offered me everything else she had at her little stall too, which I politely declined with a hand gesture or two.

I think the chinese XL is a little different from the XL i'm used to.
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