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Thursday, 20 November 2003


Now this is the sort of word that a smart girl who's good with words knows how to spell in Grade 2. She knows it's at the end of the sheet of words that's like the eye test at the doctor's. At a certain time each term, every student is required to go and sit with the teacher to take her eye test. "Dog, Mule, Bread." ... "Horticulture, Ambivalent, Idiosyncrasy." The smart girl who's good with words can make it to the end.

The smart girl who's good with words is friends with all her classmates. She knows all of them, and tries to befriend anyone new. There is one boy in the class who likes the way she shears (it's 'shares', but thanks! she thinks) and tells her so in one of those classroom exercises where everyone has to write one nice thing about five fellow students. It's OK because it's anonymous.
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