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Thursday, 27 November 2003

Darth does the bird.

this image is nicked from the Star Wars Homecoming Beacon newsletter - thanks Lucasfilm! Strictly personal use.You may or may not be surprised/repulsed/excited to know that I subscribe to the Star Wars newsletter, and even though the last couple (I & II) were a little crap, I still loved them. I have been obsessed by the movies since Star Wars came out whenever it did, and yes, I had lots of Star Wars figures, which funnily enough are probably one of my biggest assets today.

So, every now and then I receive a Homecoming Beacon in my inbox. Today I noted that Darth is celebrating Thanksgiving. (By the way, this is the sort of photoshoppy stuff I love, so just had to share.) Would he use his lightsaber to carve?

I ask you!
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