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Monday, 17 November 2003

A festival for everything.

It was with delight that I discovered Vancouver Society of Storytelling hosts an International Storytelling Festival, and that the final performance of this year's event was to take place Sunday night at the Wise Hall, not 100 metres from my front door.

I had read a little of the work of one of the poets who was to perform that night - Sheri-D Wilson - and was keen to see her live, as she is quite famous for her reading performance.

With $14 in hand I made my way to the door.

"One please."
"That's $15 please."
"Oh. I only have $14. Could you..."
"Umm... no... it will throw the books out." I turned to leave... "Wait! Does that mean you'll miss the show?"
"Oh, alright then."

So, for a measly $14, I witnessed some hilarious, heartfelt, political and witty tales (and mimes!), told to me by some people who'd obviously been doing this for ages. Spinsters, asthma, dilemmas, the extinction of bananas... I think I like those sorts of people.

And I see the Society is looking for volunteers.
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