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Tuesday, 25 November 2003

He who hesitates.

I saw Afterglow Man on the 20 again this morning. I observed him with great amusement pulling a book out his bag to read (as if just for me). This morning it was "Best Lesbian Erotica".

I couldn't really stop myself from grinning as I watched him thumb through the book. To me it harked back to the days where we all used to flick through the dictionary looking for swear words, or when we looked at mum's copy of "My Secret Garden" - not that I ever did that of course.

I thought 'good on you Afterglow Man!', for having the balls to borrow the book from the library. Possessing an aesthetic so incongruous with lesbian desire must surely have raised some eyebrows at the Loans counter, but still he pushed ahead.

After he had finished his browse, he returned the text to a plastic bag within his other bag. I was straining to see what the other book he had was called, but actually he was being fairly surreptitious about both that and the Best of the Best.

I wonder if I should introduce myself...
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