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Tuesday, 25 November 2003


He said 'you eat like a bird, you can come again'.

He was a joker.

He always served us a drink from a tray.

He always looked smart, even when it was boiling.

He grew beautiful hydrangeas, tomatoes and sweet peas.

He always shoved a little bit of everything on his plate onto his fork.

He always had a smile for me (and everyone).

He got a fishhook stuck in his thumb at Port Hughes. When he came out from the hospital it was sticking out of the bandage. We freaked out.

I remember what it smelled like in his shed - wood, dust, oil, something sweet.

I inherited his tools. There is a bottle opener in one of the toolboxes.

He looked after his wife.

He always did the dishes to give her a rest.

He played with me out the back at Anson Avenue.

Even though we joke about his sloppy kisses there was always one for me.

He liked dessert.

Even though he didn't recognise me last time I saw him, he still gave me a big smile.

Actually, I think he was quite chuffed that a pretty young lady was giving him a kiss.
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