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Wednesday, 12 November 2003

Mars this century.

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We received an email at work today from a man asking for assistance in simulating a martian civilisation.

He believes that Mars will be colonised in a permanent way this century, and is developing a plan to include a constitution for government and a Mars Development Bank amongst other things. His website is well worth a visit. And i'm pleased to see he's already thinking about colour schemes.
Section 10. The flag of this [Mars] Government shall consist of three vertical stripes. The stripe at the hoist end of the flag shall be red, the central stripe shall be green, and the final stripe shall be blue. The width of each stripe shall be one-third of the flag length. The flag shall have the proportions of a Golden Rectangle; one unit of height and one and sixty two hundredths units of length.

In his research, he found our company and the game, thinking that we could aid him in the social simulation that he requires.

How kewl is that?

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