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Friday, 7 November 2003


I went to see the Matrix last night with a few mates. I don't care what anyone says, i thought it was great. Incredibly impressive. And if everyone agrees it really is just a fairy tale, then no-one needs to get caught up in the cheesy plot elements, or the fact that the world stops when the two lovers have to say goodbye to each other.

Rugged up for the trip home, I jumped on my (beloved) bus. At a second glance, I noticed that there was a person laying across the back seat.

A few stops into the journey, the bus driver pulled over and told his passengers that we were just going to have to wait for a few minutes for a supervisor to come and remove the person lying on the back seat. A guy carrying a garbage bag full of bottles said "C'mon, get up! You're holding up the rest of us", to which the person replied something I couldn't understand. I did catch the word "love".

So, we waited patiently for the supervisor.

Two men arrived after about 5 minutes. As they got on the bus, I noticed one of them slip on a pair of gardening gloves. They approached the person, and asked her to get off the bus.

It turns out she had been lying there for two hours, and begrudgingly got off and went out into the chilly night.

I guess I didn't know where to look. All I could think about was the fact that I had a scarf, a hat and gloves, and could stay warm in my centrally heated house. None of that for Tina.

As the gloved man was leaving he said "It's OK. She's a regular. She's really quite meek and mild".
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