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Wednesday, 10 December 2003

The Capricorn.

a capricorn picture - not mine

Kara has a book from the 70s called "The Compleat Astrologer" (sic). Given that I often indulge myself by reading the odd horoscope here and there, this morning over my muesli I thought i'd investigate what the book said about Capricorns.

Apparently, there are two types of Capricorn. The first is like a domestic goat, tied up by a chain in the back yard, only able to eat a circle of grass that stretches to the radius of the chain. The second is a nimble mountain goat, skipping gaily from outcrop to rocky outcrop, always searching for higher ground.

I wasn't sure that this book was intended to be read by any women however, since the only reference in the two pages describing the Capricorn woman illustrated her as a dutiful wife, supportive of her husband's needs and desires. All the rest was "he is like this", or "he won't do that".

I'm not sure if i'm more one of these than the other. Obviously I wouldn't call myself the boring domestic goat by choice, even though I know that sometimes I like knowing where the edges are. It would be much nicer to be able to say YES! i'm the super-exciting mountain goat one, and YES! sometimes I like to bound gracefully from place to place, like being on the Love Boat, where everything's exciting and new.

Really, if I had to say which type I am... i'd say it depends. On lots of things.
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