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Thursday, 4 December 2003


DRÖMMINGE seating unit - from Ikea

There is a level of obsession with the aesthetic at this time in history. If you compare today with, say... 1950, we are almost drowning in choice. Instead of throwing us a life buoy, it's stores like that swedish one that turn the taps on harder, and busts all the dams.

It's a rare bird that receives a mysterious Ikea catalogue in the mail and throws it in the recycling without a second glance.

Even the crustiest old grandpa can browse through it and become convinced he simply must have those DRÖMMINGE seating units in navy. Then he wonders how the hell he would get to the store. He feels sure his arthritis would handle the assembly, and he's so glad they mentioned that he probably needs that ottoman in tangerine (the new beige?).

It's all about contrast.
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