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Wednesday, 10 December 2003

My fingerprints.

Do I own them? Or can anyone have them? If someone else has them, what's stopping other crafty people from getting their grubby little mits on them? Paranoid? Well, a little.

It seems that the US Government has decided that:
...fingerprint and face scanners [ are ] due to be in place at air and sea ports by the end of this year...

Being the world traveller that I am, it will mean upon entry into the US, I will be required to submit to putting my fingers in a scanner, or having my irises read by a handy iris-reading machine.

It is a smidgeon unnerving that the burgeoning biometric industry is still burgeoning, and that the US authorities readily admit that this is in fact "the mother of all projects - there's no question about it." (Said Joseph Atick, chief of Identix Corp, a maker of biometric systems.)

A few years ago, a debate began in Australia (and is now being seriously considered in countries like India and Singapore) about issuing a 'smart card' to every citizen. It would contain all sorts of data about its owner, some of which would certainly be handy to keep in one place.

My paranoia springs from the fact that there are certain elements in my history which I don't want following me around, especially when i'm trying to act all nice for the border ladies. Yes, it is selfishness, but I think there might be a teeny privacy issue in there somewhere.

Call me crazy. Call me a luddite. But please make sure you also call me a citizen of the free world.

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