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Monday, 15 December 2003

Stuff yourself stupid.

not my turkey - i knicked this picture for effect

Now, this used to be one of my favourite phrases come Christmas day, where the general turn of events was: rock up to mum and dad's around 10, have a champagne cocktail or two, open some pressies, have a MASSIVE lunch, sleep, eat more, go home.

Because i'm going away for Christmas, my roomies and I decided it would be nice to have a Christmas dinner a little early at our place.

So, we bought a massive 16 pound bird (affectionately known as 'Bertha'), and stuffed her full of my maiden stuffing. It's not worth repeating the recipe because the stuffing turned out to be very bland by itself. It did succeed in aiding Bertha to be picture-perfect-golden-brown looking and lovely and moist however.

We ate a LOT of food and it was all delicious (apart from blando stuffing #1). We all had sore bellies from eating too much, and had to sit around. I was trying to encourage the ladies to relieve a bit of pressure any way they could, but politeness restrained them from taking up this recommendation.

The house smelled like turkey this morning, and that made me feel a little queasy.
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