Can you see me??!?!??!

Thursday, 18 December 2003

Time is a wastin'!

Wow! Only 3 sleeps to go until I head off to Europa for Chrissy.

Hard to believe.

It's funny. All my stars, runes and numerological readings have been indicating that the next few weeks will be a period of intense transition (go figure), and that something may come to a standstill (insert standstill here...). It's a little unclear what will eventuate on my return to this fair land, but overall I have a very good feeling about it.

And luckily, I will have a nice american lady accompanying me across the border in a fancy looking car, so that will help. How? Well, it will probably reassure me more than the nice border man/lady when we say tell our border crossing story, because the nice american lady is good at fast talking.

So, I need each and everyone of you to pop me in a little triangle of white light for my return journey.
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