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Thursday, 29 January 2004

Guacamole braggart.

Well, dinner was good. Not too much food, but just enough. Although the dessert buffet was pushing the limits, thanks to Le petit ecolier bikkies!

I just have to make a little note, mainly for Ashby - you know who you are - that a REAL LIFE Texan thought my guacca was tasty. And she should know, she says.

Here's the recipe I used last night, although it's always a teeny bit different, just to keep tasters on their toes...
5 perfect avocadoes
juice of 2 juicy lemons
a little freshly ground S+P to taste
mash it all together
add a teeny bit of finely chopped spanish onion
add stacks of chopped coriander (or cilantro for the Americans)
stir all together

I like to serve it with great corn chips, or carrot sticks - which are still in the fridge this morning... ooops.

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