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Monday, 26 January 2004

Happy Australia Day!

For all the ex-pats out there, the BBC suggests some barbeque basics that we should all know when paying homage to the homeland.

I was also pleased to see that the federal government has a special little site to tell us what we should be doing on this rather.. um... innocuous holiday. Some of my American friends like their holidays so much I struggled to fill them in on just why we have Australia Day, apart from an excuse for some fireworks.

There is a fancy food magazine called Gastronomica, where there is an article in the Fall 2003 issue entitled "Vegemite as a Marker of National Identity". This argued that studies have shown Vegemite is just about the only foodstuff which clearly indicates a country of origin. I wish I could point you to the article online, but of course, they want you to buy their fancy magazine, so it doesn't seem to be available.

Advance Australia Fair!
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