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Friday, 16 January 2004

Just do the next thing.

I have to say thank you to Marg for that little pearl of wisdom. Many a time in my life has she stepped to the fore with this piece of advice for her teary daughter.

I often find that when confronted with a dark abyss of choice (or enforced lack thereof) that I freeze and sit quietly in the dark, waiting for a light to appear, whether it be from my own mind, or from an influence around me.

So, this fabled "next thing" helps me to get up, and dust myself off, and begin the process to moving forward out of the weird 'analysis paralysis' that every one of us gets caught up in from time to time.

Am I feeling better? No, not quite. But I have done the next thing. It may not seem important to you, dear reader, but for me, it is about reconnecting with some of the dream which I had before January 11. I was all set to fall into an unbelievably satisfying situation, much of which was due to me being able to work with the stupendous Ludicorp. Having that wrenched from my grasp (can you tell i'm enjoying a little dramatic language?), I panicked.

The next thing in this case was not to get caught up in the aforementioned abyss of "Where the hell am I going to live?", but rather to focus on something I enjoy immensly, which is my work. So, I procured a laptop today, and am gradually getting myself acquainted with all that I have missed.

You may think this is a materialistic next thing, but if i've realised anything over the past few months it is that I love what I do, and that I derive a part of my identity from my work, and dammit, they can't take THAT away from me!

I'll worry about the whole living situation later.
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