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Thursday, 29 January 2004

Our heavenly father.

Dad wrote this for me after reading about my epicurean tendencies. I have edited some bits out of his original email.
(Origin: epicurus-adapted Alain de Botton.)

Herewith a recipe for happiness...
  1. a hut
  2. friends but not too many so you dont have time for self [ed: that's dad's ]
  3. to avoid superiors, patronisation, infighting and preferably competition
  4. a garden allotment
  5. thought (and the means to write)
  6. a reincarnation of Bellini's Madonna whose melancholy expression would belie a dry sense of humour and spontaneity and who would dress in man-made fibres from the racks of modest department stores
De Botton says '...happiness may be difficult to obtain. The obstacles are not primarily financial.'

Is everyone getting this?

What a guy.

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