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Saturday, 31 January 2004

That little wooden boat.


This is one of my favourite images. I have it on a postcard which I have kept with me on my travels, along with a few other things like my wooden rainbow i've had forever, and a ring my mum gave me on the proviso that i give it back to her at another time.

I just spoke with Michelle, from Adanac Street, who has also been "biting on the shit sandwich of life" lately. She mentioned that she knows several people, herself included, who are in a period of enforced transition at the moment. Is it something in the air? The universe? What's trying to tell me something?

I mentioned a few entries ago that I should have been more wary of counting all my Vankie chickens before they hatched. If I was to wear my 'positivity' hat, having the plan go awry in such a spectacular manner has been nothing if not refreshing. Some new friends have commented that I seem overwhelmingly positive sometimes, almost to the point of denial. I have stopped doing that now. Now I slip on my 'negativity' hat from time to time too, to look at what I really hold in my hands.

If I refer to vater's list of happiness things below, I feel at the moment like I have number 5, and probably more of number 2 than I can see in front of me... but the others?

Am I sobbing? No. Am I about to dashed against Mt. Fuji? Probably not. Am I happy?

I wonder if there are any Bellini's Madonnas at Ikea... there is one for eighty bucks here.
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