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Wednesday, 21 January 2004

We're doing good, aren't we?

I wanted to see George W's State of the Union address, and BOY! it's just as I imagined.

I was looking for the dude at the front holding the "Applause" sign, as I listened patiently for 54 minutes, which included 70 applause-related interruptions.

Would you believe the phrase "personal retirement account" generated a standing ovation? (I know there's been a bit of trouble with misappropriation and things, but i mean... really!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the update on America's sheer strength, and was informed that 45 out of 55 senior Iraqi officials have been either captured or killed (hmm.. which one?) by the US military; that Saddam was found in a hole, and is now in a prison cell (hmm... where?). Combine that with a shot of rent-a-military-crowd looking distinctly lacklustre, hardly even clapping at the obvious moments... It was nice to hear that "America won't be initmidated by thugs and assassins".

George skipped from strength to healthcare to (gay... sssh) marriage, to drugs in schools, to "unleashing the compassion of america's religious institutions"... what a ride!

He is a bit concerned about the crumbling "Defensive Marriage Act", signed by Clinton in '96, which didn't leave much room for same-sex marriage. Now he has to contend with "activist judges forcing their arbitrary will on the people". Luckily, he can rely on the nation to defend the sanctity of marriage... this opinion got a few people off their patooties.

The upshot is: God is behind these historic times, not the US Government. He is watching over everyone, so I guess that means it doesn't really matter if things go wrong.

All that said, i'm very pleased to hear that "America's the land of the second chance".
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