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Friday, 6 February 2004

Amazingness of digital cameras.

Here's the thing. I can sit and work on the new Ludi project, as I have several videos of 4/5ths of my family playing in the background. It was a lovely time, and to see four of us in just about complete familial comfort, with very few reservations about how we were coming across. It has been a little tiresome over the past while... wondering about whether I should be treading the boards a certain way. Should I be the young school kid who buys lollies (candy) for all her 'friends' to make sure they are her friends? Funny, now I realise I should have been acting just the way I am in the video series with my family.

Andy had a digital camera at Christmas in Dressie, and provided us with CDs of ALL the footage he captured. I was quite pleased to turn into a camera-hog-superstar family member for that week.

Although now, seeing the evidence, I might take out the superstar bit.
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