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Saturday, 21 February 2004

The hills are alive.

It's a lovely fine day today. It looks like it should be a mild 25'C out there, but once you're outside you realise it's still chilly. I knew i'd need a couple of layers for a walk.

Last week I wrote about feeling like spring was about to be sprunging. I felt I needed to be outside in it, perhaps even take a little trip to somewhere beautiful... so as a happy compromise for the time being, I took a walk in the Washington Arboretum this morning.

As the sound of the traffic along Lake Washington Boulevard died down, the chatting of the birds who live there took over. Everyone must wonder what birds are saying to each other, mustn't they? It seems complex enough to be interesting... "Look at that cloth-eared bint!"... "I met a new neighbour from the south yesterday".... "I had the best damn hoagie i've ever eaten last night!"


These Pacific-Northwesters have some lovely indigenous flora... like the rhododendron (some of which were just beginning to bloom in the arboretum). I also saw for the first time the Hamamelis Mollis.

I was happily ensconsed in the camellia section when a couple wandering with their very young labrador puppy companion approached. The pup bounded up to me for a sniff and a kiss, and of course, how could I refuse such an unconditional offer? I like to think that both of us parted company with smiles on our faces.

Have you got your labrador yet?
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