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Thursday, 12 February 2004

I like spelling.

You really should read this, but if you don't have time, just read this:

[Mormon Church] Downtown 'fighting words' are spelled out

"If it [calling a woman a harlot] is directed to a specific person and especially in the presence of children or somebody's new husband, anybody could expect that that would elicit a violent response and that very likely would be considered fighting words under established constitutional doctrine," said Anderson, a former civil-rights attorney...

...Ron McRae -- director of the Street Preachers Fellowship based in Pennsylvania whose members preach around the Salt Lake Temple -- agreed that if someone walked up to a woman on the sidewalk and called her a "whore," it would cross the line. But when preachers deliver a sermon about spiritual whoredom or harlotry, their speech is protected.

"What we're doing out there is exercising a religious liberty," he said. "In a sermon, whether it's a Mormon sermon or a street preacher's sermon . . . to say the word 'whore' or 'harlot' . . . those are not fighting words."

This is a goldmine, people!

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