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Tuesday, 17 February 2004

It's trying.

That wonderful, heartwarming, aaaaahhh, favourite season of mine is trying hard to be upon us.

I saw spring last year in Chicago, where the abundance of daffodils around the University was a lovely sight to see. Here in Seattle, the sound of birds chatting to each other, and the big buds on every tree, and the occasional glimpse of sun bursting through the clouds fills me with the need to stop and take a deep breath.

Yes, it is corny to say, but the promise of all this new life, and warmth, and colour is something which I hold particularly dear. So, I wait out the rainy Seattle days, knowing that the season is inevitable.

And i've been keeping an eye on those roses I pruned at nice American lady's. Even though she was a bit shocked by the severity of their trim, they are doing fine, and the maroon growth is popping out in all the right places.

Roll on spring.
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