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Tuesday, 3 February 2004

Law of the jungle.

Madge, the young wildebeest, was staring across the hazy plain. She had just had breakfast, and was enjoying a bit of socialising with her girlfriends. They had planned on a long walk today with the rest of the herd, to make their way up to some higher ground where they were all hoping it might be a little cooler.

The herd set off. There must have been four hundred of them. The old men, the young bucks, a few babies swinging around their mother's legs, and the ten or so young ones who were friends of Madge's hung to the back... you know... to be cool.

It was Roberta the cheetah who spotted Madge first, across that crowded plain. Madge's long, lithe legs, and her pretty eyes didn't mean anything to Roberta. She was hungry and so were her kids.

There was a cacophony of chatter in the herd. Everyone was excited about the trip to the mountain. There would be fresh grass to nibble on, and lots of shade to sleep under. Madge and her girlfriends were talking about the boys.

Roberta crouched down so low scientists have marvelled at how her spine can support her weight like that. Even her ears were pointed back, lest she be spotted. If even one of the wildebeest saw her, the hunt would be over.
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