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Thursday, 5 February 2004

My current favourite breakfast.

There's this little love story called Moonstruck. In it, Cher plays a Brooklyn lady who has no love in her life, until she meets the volatile-and-yet-super-tender Nicholas Cage. But anyway. There's a scene where she and her mum are having breakfast. They have fried egg with roasted red peppers.

That's my new favourite breakfast. The pepper is nice and sweet with the normal old egg. And this morning I put some parmesan in it too, and smushed the eggs - not enough that they were scrambled, but just enough to avoid the strange albumenny bits that are a little hard to take early in the morning.

I should be the Surprise Chef - where I scour supermarkets for people who are willing to let me a) investigate the contents of their trolley, and b) come back to their homes and cook with whatever was in the trolley, and whatever they have in their fridge and pantry.

As much as the TV Surprise Chef guy was a wanker, I did enjoy that show.
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