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Wednesday, 25 February 2004

My home town.

Well, it's Festival and Fringe time in Adelaide again, and i've been hearing tidbits about all the great stuff happening there. It's a fantastic time to be in Adelaide, the streets literally breathe art, and everyone seems very happy to take a big gulp. And don't forget to go and see my dear friend Sophie Hann's solo exhibition at the Ausdance theatre!!

I am interested in ilikefrank, a game that's been developed by Blast Theory and the Mixed Reality Lab from the UK.
The game will take place on the streets of Adelaide (using 3G Phones) and online at Players in the real city can chat with players in the virtual city as they search for the elusive Frank. 3G technology (third generation mobile networks) enables wireless communication of video, audio and images, simultaneously allowing players to use maps, video and other geographical information to communicate with one another.

I am impressed from afar that the SA government established the Thinkers in Residence program, where Blast Theory are currently the visiting members. Adelaide is peculiar like that I believe... innovative? Well, yes! The fantastic Festival of Ideas is also a highlight on the cerebral calendar.

Damn! It's a good time to be there.

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