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Sunday, 15 February 2004

My new favourite chef.

Yesterday I managed to get some reception on the TV at the place i'm staying. I don't have cable, which incidentally I think is a good thing, so it was a matter of fiddling gently with the cord which goes from the outside into the video until there was less static and a bit of colour in the picture.

I discovered KCTS has an afternoon of cooking shows, where I discovered Suppe de Pesce, as demonstrated by Lidia. It was a glorious dish, and I particularly liked the way she flavoured beans to add - she cooked some cannelini beans in water with olive oil and rosemary.

As she prepared the suppe, after just about every intermediate step she said, "and add a little more olive oil", after which she sloshed a good deal of the stuff into the dish. I'm surprised viewers could actually see the fish (calamari, scallops, red snapper, mussels, prawns) for all the oil.

Liquid gold applied liberally equals heaven.
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