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Sunday, 29 February 2004

A new interest?

I have decided that photographic portaiture is one of my favourite things. Mum and I went to the National Portrait Gallery in London after Christmas, where there is a fantastic collection. We skipped the oils of royalty and the 17th century and went straight to the saturated stylin' of the photographs.

I was browsing Flickr profiles, as I seem to do a bit these days, when I jumped out of Flickr to the photo portfolio of Heather Champ. She takes lovely pictures.

I often read "About" when I visit a website I like, and Heather's told me she used to use a Lomo LC-A camera. I visited and found this excellent thing -- a world browser with pics.

Here's the absolutely-fantastic-that-I-miss-especially-coffee-at-Lucia's Central Market in Adelaide, by safetyman. (I can't link to the page directly for you i'm afraid...)

Adelaide Central Market, courtesy of, taken by safetyman

I want to be a photographer when I grow up.
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