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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Say no! to disgusto decaf.

Why do people even drink the stuff? I noticed that I was a bit headachey after only drinking this horrible stuff yesterday. It took me a while to realise that I was in need of REAL COFFEE.

So, with only a moment to spare before my daily phone conferencey thing with Vankie, I rushed to my local supermarket, the Red Apple. I ran around the aisles, grabbing a few bits and pieces, and thankfully I remembered to get the Red Apple arabica, at just $7.99/lb!

The other great thing about the Red Apple is the muzak. It isn't muzak! It's fanastic R&B/soul gear... I would be a checkout chick in a supermarket that played those sorts of tunes!

Anyway, I just about ran back to S Weller, knowing that I had to make 1pm. Popped by the Mini-Mart to get a phone card, and got back in at 1.02... all the while knowing that I had my coffee in the bag, just waiting for me.

The phone call is now over, I am listening to just about my favourite album ever - "Aretha's Gold" - I have my freshly brewed real coffee, and i'm blogging.

What a rollercoaster ride this life can be. One moment you're thinking 'this reality fu*king SUCKS', and the next you're back to the simple things... Caffeine, Dr. Feelgood, and fresh air blowing in.

What gives?
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