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Thursday, 12 February 2004

Sub version.

After doing a bit of reading, I was musing to myself whether the Dean blog could (or should) actually be considered subversive. I'm not convinced that subversive is quite the right word for what that set up has done. However, having watched Dr. Zhivago, I feel I can comment with some authority on the uprising of the Red Army, thus, feel there is some parallel to be drawn with Pascha handing out his flyers to the Bolsheviks...

You can see I haven't quite got my ideas together yet. So, I decided to consult the oracle of Google for her ideas on "subversive blog". I thought, dammit! i'm feeling lucky, and this is what I stumbled upon... The Religion News Blog.

My eyes widened with glee (and distraction) at several pearls in the table of contents such as:

» [Offbeat News] Woman claims God sent her to lot for free car

» [The Passion of The Christ] Will Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ help save Christianity?

» [Religious Intolerance] Religious jellybeans lead to lawsuit

Now, I know it's not my place to unabashedly poke fun. And after a bit of reading, it's actually not a bad blog. BUT! This does not mean I can't make mention of the sheer power that artistry like this has to envoke the power of the almighty to get his (or her) masses mobilised.

If Deano can, surely he (or she) can too. Perhaps he (or she) invented them for this very purpose.

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