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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Working from home.

Well, this morning I got up, made a real coffee, and started working... without really getting out of my PJs. The doorbell rang at around 10. I put on my robe to answer the door.

I was greeted by 2 young men wearing name tags and black jackets who told me they were very pleased that Jesus Christ had returned to earth this year, and would I be interested in hearing about that. "Oh, is that a kimono?", one of them asked. Even though it's actually a yukata I said yes.

I tried to tell the boys that I wasn't interested, and was actually very busy working. I realised this may not appear to be true given that I was still in my pyjamas, no matter how japanese they looked.

They left without much of a fight.

Then I made another coffee, and got changed into my work clothes. I spent the day in a pair of shorts, with my VERY white legs in plain view of... me. The central heating really is good. I only realised how cold it was today a few minutes ago when I went to the shop. I put on a few more clothes, but that wasn't quite enough. It's 45'F.

After all the frenzy of development that has been happening recently, for some reason I bought a newspaper.
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