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Friday, 12 March 2004


There's has been a lot happening. I have thought a lot about how to write it down here... so here's a bit, or a lot... whichever comes out.

I now find myself back in Vankie, after spending the last 2 months in Seattle. I drove up with Frank this morning, and everyone was very nice and polite at the Immigration office. We even talked about how I might be able to get a Nexus pass for quick processing at the border if I am planning to cross it a lot.

Oh - the sequence is out of whack.

Monday: I went to the Canadian Consulate in Seattle, and was granted a work permit to return to Vankie, after a wide variety of fear/angst/paranoia ridden events during the past 6 months.

This past week: I have been in a state of numb sort of shock, not quite understanding that there's nothing for me to worry about anymore. Saying goodbye hurriedly to many dear friends that I now have in Seattle, all the while knowing that I can just pop down the 5 anytime for a visit.

Friday: I arrived in Vankie. Anyone know of a good sublet?

More later.
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