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Monday, 29 March 2004

It just dawned on me.

I haven't checked or cared about what the weather will be tomorrow for about a year. I just wake up and put on some clothes.

I must admit I have been a little chilly sometimes, or a little hot, or I might have been rained on once or twice, but I wouldn't change a thing for all the chattering teeth, bad hair or sunburn in the world!

I have invested in appropriate protective (and undeniably stylish) clothing, such as sunglasses, or a warmer jacket, or a pair of shorts. I recently purchased a t-shirt in Phoenix, which I even declared to the lady at the stopping section of the Vankie airport (being caught on the spot without filling in the damn did-you-buy-anything section, fearing arrest and possible subcutaneous tagging of some sort). But! I neglected to mention the pant, the other t-shirt and the other thingy which I had packed neatly in my case with no tags or anything so how was she going to know.

I guess my weather-watching blinkers would make a difference if I was say, a pilot, or if I played golf every morning. Since i'm not, and I don't, it doesn't matter to me, and in fact I spend a lot of my time computing all over the place -- something which i'm keen to change in this gorgeous BC outdoorsy-panoramic-mountainy-spectacular place.

This reminds me of a lovely phrase I learnt about Florida from a lady serving me coffee in the hotel I stayed in there: "This is Florida honey! You don't need socks and you don't need a watch!"

That's a pearl. And it also happened to be true. It was so humid there i'm surprised I didn't glow myself to death. But I didn't expect the humidity the night before, and therefore become anxious about what to wear the next day. I just woke up, and put on a few less clothes than I was required to wear in Chicago at that time of year, where it happened to be very bloody chilly.

I don't care what anyone says, talking about the weather is good stuff.
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