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Tuesday, 16 March 2004

It's just different.

A while ago, Stewart wrote a blog entry with the words "question" and "answerer" in it. Since that time, he has become "available" as a handy instant message question answerer person via Google.

This means that he has been bombarded/assaulted/showered/afflicted/sprinkled with a variety of instant messages, most often from school kids asking for answers to many different questions. He's saved some of them up, and posted them online for our enjoyment.

Apart from being funny, I think this is a peculiar phenomenon. Stewart is online virtually all the time, so is Google, so are lots of kids of school age. So, having publicised his IM handle, he has left himself open to being contacted by complete strangers, rather directly.

Is there an equivalent offline? Perhaps flying around the world, dropping leaflets out of a plane, with your mobile/home/work phone numbers? Don't think so.

I remember seeing a busker in Chicago once, whose performance was to answer any question you could ask of him. I thought that was pretty bold, and he didn't even have Google at his fingertips. I think Andy asked him something. Can't remember what the question was now.

How's that for a story!
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